another bit of elizabeth de witt’s logical insanity




I’m a visual artist. I completed my BFA last year doubling in Drawing & Painting and Graphic Design. Right now i’m freelancing and trying to better figure out who i am as an artist. In the mean time i’ll continue making art in lots of several mediums and without worry. Cohesive vision is overrated anyway, right?

I’m treating this tumblr as a free form outlet. Some work is mine, some is not. I try my best to give credit where credit is due when reblogging. You can visit my main site, to see my portfolio and find more out about me. My skills, with my hands or on the computer, are available for commission or hire. You can download my CV here and references are available upon request. You can shoot me an email at logicallyinsane [at] The floor is always open to questions, comments and lewd remarks. (Better for discussion that way.)


elizabeth de witt